(Belcamp, Maryland – December 5, 2013) Lights! Camera! Language! Harford County Public Library is excited to announce the introduction of Mango Premiere, a one of a kind language learning resource that teaches language through film. Customers can access Mango Premiere via the Library’s website at and a convenient online app can also be downloaded for language learning on the go.

Mango Premiere is being introduced by Mango Languages, a leading provider of self-guided language learning software. Mango Premiere offers movies that use Mango’s methodology to teach learners language, grammar, vocabulary and culture through film. A total of 20 movies will be released by the end of the year in seven different languages. Mango Premiere adapts to today’s learners by combining education with entertainment.

“Our research shows that the two biggest barriers to learning a new language are time and motivation,” stated Jason Teshuba, Mango Languages CEO. “Mango Premiere addresses both of these constraints, because let’s face it…who doesn’t like to watch movies! We developed Mango Premiere so language learners can be entertained while immersing themselves in the everyday life and culture of a country through Mango lessons and the storyline of the film.”

Mango Premiere uses the same respected methodology that made Mango’s current products a success, which has been available to Harford County Public Library customers for several years. This includes 60 foreign and 17 English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. To learn more about Mango Languages and Mango Premiere, please visit

Harford County Public Library operates eleven branches located throughout Harford County, Maryland. The library serves 182,000 registered borrowers of all ages and has an annual circulation of over 4.1 million. Harford County Public Library is committed to connecting people with information and promoting the love of reading within the community.


Photo caption #1: Mango Premiere provides language learning through film to Harford County Public Library customers, with over 20 films in seven different languages available by the end of the year.

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